Customer: Gamlite IT Sdn. Bhd.

Location: Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore

Products: Hawkeye 1000, Hawkeye 2000 and Walking Profiler G3

Established in 2005, Gamlite IT is a complete infrastructure asset management solutions provider, based in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Originally beginning as a custom enterprise software developer focussing primarily on asset management software, the company expanded into data collection to empower road agencies to make better decisions about their road network.

The challenge was to find a system that would collect the necessary data, efficiently process the data and ensure its accuracy for input into pavement management systems. This will ultimately maximise the economic life and value of infrastructure assets and optimise maintenance budgets.

Gamlite first approached ARRB Systems (ASPL) in 2009 with the view to acquiring equipment for this purpose. Following an extensive evaluation, Gamlite IT acquired its first Hawkeye 2000 System; a Digital Imaging system with Gipsi-Trac Geometry for asset inventory surveys. Since then ASPL and Gamlite have worked on a range of projects with ASPL providing support through technical visits, training and of course supply and upgrading of Gamlite’s survey equipment.

Over the years, Gamlite IT have added a Hawkeye 2000 Automatic Crack Detection system to their fleet, as well as upgrading their original system. Gamlite IT also operates a Hawkeye 1000 Digital Laser Profiler, a Walking Profiler G3 and a Roughometer.

This equipment enabled Gamlite IT to perform asset monitoring, geospatial mapping, road and asset inspections, and analysis for its sister company (GammComm) as well as other road concessionaires and authorities in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

General Manager, Harold Wong, said: “The interoperability of the ARRB Systems equipment is key for us. It allows us to precisely and quickly collect large amounts of data for analysis and reporting purposes. This is not a feat that can be done manually, considering the length of roads concerned. Having all Hawkeye systems utilise the same acquisition and processing software makes the process simple. Should we need assistance, the efficient, willing and friendly support team are always on hand.”

Over the years, Gamlite IT has collected over 30,000 kms of data using ARRB Systems survey equipment, allowing them to satisfy the needs of their market through the provision of innovative solutions.