Customer: Geokom Ltd.

Location: Israel

Products: Hawkeye 2000 Automatic Crack Detection (ACD) System

You could say Geokom is one of Hawkeye’s longest-running fans. They were founded in 1993 and provide services in consulting, managing, planning, engineering geology, surveying for Pavement Management Systems (PMS), quality control for projects for government organisations and the private sector. Over the years, they have performed data collection surveys for various road authorities in Israel such as Netivey Israel LTD, the municipality of Tel-Aviv & the Israeli Air Force.

Geokom initially learnt about the ARRB Systems profiling equipment back in 2002, at a conference in the USA. Having a need to undertake data collection contracts for various road agencies in Israel, Geokom contacted us in 2006. This led to multiple meetings and discussions about the equipment’s capability, prior to the purchase of a Hawkeye 2000 Network Survey Vehicle.

This vehicle was used to collect data for Netivey Israel, the country’s road agency. Approximately 7,000kms of data has been collected every year, for the past 13 years! During this time, two upgrades were made to the vehicle to allow for numerous technology and software advancements. Not surprisingly, one of Geokom’s favourite aspects of the Hawkeye platform is its robustness. Geokom’s PMS Project Manager, Pini Liran, notes “We like that the system is stable, accurate and reliable. The software is sophisticated however it is still simple to use. Staff are highly professional and practical.”

In 2017, the decision was made to undertake a third upgrade, primarily to allow for the addition of the Hawkeye Automatic Crack Detection System, utilising Pavemetric’s LCMS2 sensors. This upgrade included transfer of the operating system to a new vehicle (a Chevrolet Savana), adding high-definition asset cameras and the LCMS2 sensors. Geokom were one of the first customers for LCMS2.


The upgrade enabled Geokom to automatically detect surface distress, focusing on cracking and other types of pavement defects, such as Ravelling, Bleeding and Shoving. Geokom has developed a unique application that utilises the Hawkeye data collected, to monitor roadside furniture, assets such as signage, and road markings. This allows rapid comparison of historical data, allowing for reports to be provided to their customers. This along with ARRB Systems custom crack reporting options, Geokom can provide their multitude of customers with comprehensive datasets to be used in their Pavement Management Systems.