Customer: Norvia

Location: Portugal

Products: Hawkeye 2000 and Hawkeye 1000

Norvia was established in 1987 and provides engineering consulting services. It conducts activities on several levels, from multidisciplinary engineering studies to project supervision, and global project management. Over the years, they have worked with infrastructure owners, concessionaires, constructors, universities and other consultants on data collection surveys.

Norvia purchased their first Hawkeye 1000 system in 2005 and recently purchased a Hawkeye 2000 system. The Hawkeye 1000 is used to collect data for pavement management systems (maintenance actions), road rehabilitation studies and for construction quality control either in roads or airport pavements.  Norvia collects approximately 1,000 km of data per year with this equipment.

When asked about the key benefits and features of Hawkeye 1000, Teresa highlighted its portability and light weight, as well as the flexibility of being mounted on almost any vehicle with a tow ball.   She also added that the system is very versatile, reliable and calibration can be done quickly and easily.

As for the Hawkeye 2000, Division Director, Teresa Alves commented that the results have good repeatability and accuracy. Over the past couple of years Norvia has been asked to provide additional surface condition information including rutting and macro texture. The Hawkeye 2000 provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to measure these parameters.

In terms of the working experience with ARRB Systems, Teresa notes “throughout these years, we acknowledge that ARRB develops reliable equipment and provides professional and personalised support / assistance.  We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with ARRB Systems”.