Condition Assessments

Condition 1

Data collection is about obtaining the right information to make the best decisions about your road network. Regularly monitoring your network’s condition allows road owners to maintain their asset’s value, maintain road quality for user’s and make best use of their maintenance budgets. Automated data collection is not only fast and efficient, but a much safer practice.

ARRB Systems provides the highest quality outputs to ensure our clients are getting the data they need to make informed decisions about their network. With a proud history of developing and operating high quality pavement monitoring equipment, we have built up extensive network data collection experience collecting millions of kilometres of data, on thousands of projects worldwide.

This experience translates into the collection of accurate, reliable and timely data, in accordance with national and international standards.Outputs include cracking parameters, longitudinal profile, transverse profile, continuous deflection, structural capacity, roughness, rutting, texture, cross-fall, curvature, grade and both asset and pavement images.

Services offered:

■ Automated pavement surface and structural assessments

■ Automatic crack detection surveys

■ Geometry and mapping surveys

■ Roadside inventory and asset inventory

■ Road safety assessment

■ 3D pavement imagery and point clouds

■ Continuous structural capacity surveys

With these services, clients are able to:

■ Objectively make decisions based on current data

■ Understand their network from a technical standpoint

■ Conduct virtual site inspections from their desk

■ Review data and create custom reports

■ Compare multiple and historical data streams simultaneously

■ Export data to many formats – PMS databases, GIS, XML, HDM4, ProVAL etc.

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