Intelligent Safety Assessment Vehicle (iSAVe)


Introducing a major advancement in measuring skid resistance and interrelated road surface characteristics, the intelligent Safety Assessment Vehicle, or iSAVe. The iSAVe provides a major advancement in terms of measuring skid resistance and inter-related road surface characteristics. Developed in conjunction with our Swedish partner, ASFT and working under license to the UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), ARRB Systems new iSAVe is manufactured in full compliance with the current British Standard BS 7941-1:2006.

The iSAVe is typically used to measure the wet skid resistance of the road surface across a network in both wheel paths, to help ensure that an appropriate level of ‘grip’ is provided throughout. In short, the iSAVe supports positive road safety outcomes in reducing the number or road crashes.

A controlled flow of water wets the road surface immediately in front of the test wheel, and the system is capable of collecting continuously for up to 300kms (single wheelpath testing) of data before refilling, due to the low water flow requirements and the large reservoir. The measuring wheel is set at a 20º angle to the forward movement of the vehicle with a known applied load. The sideways force generated by this activity is directly related to the wet skid resistance of the road surface.

Being integrated into the Hawkeye platform allows for the inclusion of additional data collection sensors. Along with the collection of wet skidding resistance, the iSAVe is fitted with sensors capable of collecting:


■ Roughness (IRI)
■ Rutting
■ Macrotexture (MPD and SMTD)
■ Geometry (slope, crossfall, gradient)
■ Asset inventory imaging
■ GPS and distance

The iSAVe is also fitted with the following additional features to minimise measurement variability:

■ Dynamic monitoring of vertical load
■ Continuous tyre pressure monitoring
■ Dynamic speed-controlled water system
■ Ambient air temperature monitoring
■ Tyre temperature monitoring

iSAVe Brochure