Hawkeye 1000 Series

H1000 profiler

The Hawkeye 1000 Series is a portable range of road survey equipment, designed to offer affordable solutions for profiling and video data. The economic benefits of the 1000 Series and fit for purpose specifications make it an ideal solution for both video and road profiling applications. Most importantly, the 1000 Series is fully compatible with other Hawkeye products, enabling full data integration across the entire range.

The Hawkeye 10000 Series operating system is stored in a heavy-duty hard case, for convenient placement in the back seat or back storage area of any passenger vehicle. This means the system is capable of being transported to different sites, for use on different vehicles when required. An accurate Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI) and the Heartbeat module are used to precisely link the data to distance/chainage.

The Hawkeye 1000 Series is capable of supporting up to 3 lasers, 3 cameras, Gipsi-Trac2 Geometry and DGPS.

Hawkeye 1000 Series Brochure

The Hawkeye 1000 Digital Laser profiler (DLP) measures longitudinal profile, roughness and macrotexture (MPD and SMTD). A World Bank Class 1 profiler, the H1000 DLP measures road profile using accelerometers and precision laser sensors, to compensate for vehicle body movement. The DLP is completely portable , utilising a detachable beam that comes complete with a tow-bar mounting kit, making it perfect for less frequent survey demands.


  • World Bank Class 1 profiler with a choice of one, two or three laser combinations to suit all budgets
  • Can be easily shipped for remote survey requirements and short-term vehicle installations
  • Easily installed on a vehicle without special tools or technical personnel
  • Lightweight aluminium beam with external weatherproof housing
  • Operational at highway speeds to reduce survey time and costs
  • Results are independent of vehicle type

  • Pavement condition assessment
  • Accurate quality assessments
  • Quality control
  • Contract validation

  • Longitudinal profile
  • Roughness (IRI, NAASRA, Ride Number, HATI)
  • Macrotexture (MPD and SMTD)
  • Rut index
  • GPS location / distance

The Hawkeye 1000 Digital Imaging System (DIS) is an imaging unit used to visually capture and locate roads and roadside features. The single, full high definition (HD), colour camera can be mounted on a windscreen or vehicle dashboard. For two or more cameras, an optional customized roof rack is available. The Hawkeye 1000 DIS is completely portable using a suction mounted camera and transportable carry case, allowing for the system to be easily transferred between vehicles.


  • Up to three (3) full HD cameras can be supported (roof rack mounted option available)
  • Can be shipped for remote survey requirements and short-term vehicle installations
  • Uses .AVI storage files
  • Operational at highways speeds to reduce survey time and costs
  • Ideal for use on a variety of vehicles
  • Georeferencing and measurement capabilities

  • Visual identification of roadside features and assets
  • Right of way assessment
  • Asset location for GIS applications
  • Road safety assessment

  • Digital imagery
  • GPS location / distance
  • Shapefiles

The newly released GIPSI-Trac2 is the next generation GNSS + INS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems + Inertial Navigation System) geometry module. The GIPSI-Trac2 utilizes dead-reckoning sensors and dual GNSS antennas to collect position and road geometry information with sub-metre accuracy.

This combined system provides a far greater update rate and supports more satellite systems than previous GNSS offerings, including SBAS and Omnistar. It boasts real-time fused GNSS/INS outputs in all survey conditions, including periods of GNSS outage. Built-in dead-reckoning allows for position data to be recorded when in tunnels, under bridges and locations with little or no GNSS coverage.


  • Uses an integrated GNSS receiver and dead-reckoning inertial sensors
  • 200Hz fused data output
  • Typical mapping accuracy of 1.2 m
  • Exports to CSV and point or polyline shapefiles
  • Readily interfaces with a number of GIS packages
  • Has fully customisable GPS projection methods (Lat, Long, Easting, Northing and a range of datums)

  • Road geometry and complex position for 3D mapping
  • Operates in all locations: Inside tunnels, under bridges, highly vegetated or mountainous regions
  • Estimate speed and travel times
  • Locate potential sites for rainfall ponding
  • Conformance to design specifications

  • Grade
  • Cross slope
  • Horizontal and vertical curvature
  • Inertially corrected GNSS position
  • Distance

Case Studies



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Virginia DoT

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