Roughometer 4

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The Roughometer 4 continues a tradition established over twenty years, providing a simple, portable and highly repeatable measurement of road roughness on sealed and unsealed roads. The Roughometer 4 is a World Bank Class 3 response-type roughness device, which measures IRI directly from the axle movement using a precision accelerometer.

The unit utilises a wireless distance sensor and can be operated with most Android phones or tablets. The software displays collected surveys on a Google Maps interface and allows for MP3 voice recording of events. Survey data is stored on the Android device, with the amount of collected data only limited by the storage capacity of that device. The unit is operated using two wireless buttons mounted on the vehicle dashboard or steering wheel.


■ Accurate and repeatable outputs regardless of vehicle type, suspension and passenger loads
■ Two-button wireless operation
■ Wireless distance sensor, with option to use external Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI)
■ Axle-mounted inertial sensor used to determine road profile and roughness
■ Utilises GPS functionality on Android device
■ Outputs in International Roughness Index (IRI), Bump Integrator or NAASRA counts
■ Supports projects and pre-defined survey routes in KML format
■ Multi-format reports available including KML and .CSV files


■ Provides objective data for true evaluation of the roughness of the road
■ Objectively compare and analyse which roads are in need of repair
■ Monitor roughness deterioration trends.


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