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iPAVe: Kansas Department of Transportation


The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is the governmental organization responsible for maintaining public roadways and transportation infrastructure under the jurisdiction of the U.S. state of Kansas.



The availability of complete pavement structural capacity data had always been a challenge for KDOT. Thankfully, ARRB Systems could offer the iPAVe, the only fully integrated road surface and sub-surface condition assessment system. KDOT was an early adopter of the iPAVe concept, quickly realizing the potential uses for the data.

KDOT used the iPAVe to collect continuous pavement deflection and pavement surface characteristics (cracking, rutting, roughness, texture, etc.) on over 1,100 miles of Interstate, State, and County highways. The data was used for analysis of structural capacity and remaining life of the State’s pavement network.

Interestingly, KDOT has been able to locate potential sinkholes that would have been incredibly hard to identify through other means. Additionally, KDOT has also used iPAVe data, via the advanced filtering functionality in the online viewing software (Hawkeye Insight) to determine boundary limits for emergency pavement repair sites.

Ultimately, iPAVe data has allowed KDOT to make better decisions for project selection, so that the appropriate roads will be selected for pavement preservation applications, while structurally damaged roads will be scheduled for rehabilitation.

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