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Roughometer 3

The Roughometer III is a portable, easy to install device that provides objective and repeatable roughness results, suitable for both sealed and unsealed roads. The Roughometer III is a World Bank Class 3 roughness measurement device, and a cost-effective alternative to more expensive laser profiling options. Whilst the Roughometer is a response-type roughness device, it eliminates the uncertainties associated with the vehicle, such as the suspension or passenger weight, by directly measuring the axle movement with a precision accelerometer. Capable of collecting up to 13,000kms of data, the Roughometer III provides a simple technique for road quality assessment, with the advantage of an integrated GPS unit. Once a survey has been completed, the processing software enables the data to be formatted into custom graphs, tables and maps.

Data outputs:

■ International Roughness Index (IRI)


■ Provides objective data for true evaluation of the roughness of the road

■ Objectively compare and analyse which roads are in need of repair

■ Monitor roughness deterioration trends.


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