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Walking Profiler G3

The Walking Profiler G3 is a high-precision measurement instrument for collecting surface condition information, at true walking speed. The Walking Profiler (WP) G3 produces outputs from pavement profile, providing International Roughness Index (IRI), Mean Profile Depth (MPD) macro texture (as an optional parameter) and distance. Differing from previous generations, the WP unit utilises a tri-axial accelerometer mounted on a rolling platform, to enable measurement of longitudinal profile. This platform is separate to the carriage, which means it is less susceptible to operator input. Data can be collected at variable speeds up to 5km/hr and is controlled by an Android tablet. Real-time results are displayed on the screen, allowing for on site decision-making. Data can then be uploaded to the cloud via a Wi-Fi connection or downloaded via USB cable.

Data outputs

■ International Roughness Index (IRI)

■ Longitudinal profile



■ Provides outputs of IRI, longitudinal profile and distance

■ Reference tool for calibrating and assessing high speed profilers

■ Suitable for many surfaces, including pavements, footpaths, airfields and runways, building slabs, bridges and car parks.


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