ARRB Systems is the global leader in providing equipment and services for road assessment survey. Our modular systems are designed to enable multiple data collection sensors to meet and exceed the toughest pavement and asset management specifications.

Hawkeye 2000 Series

Hawkeye 1000 Series

Roughometer 4

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The first fully integrated road surface and sub-surface condition assessment system, providing functional and structural data at highway speeds.


A major advancement in measuring skid resistance and inter-related road surface characteristics, manufactured in compliance with BS 7941-1:2006.

Condition Assessments

Ensuring the highest quality outputs to provide our clients with the data required to make informed decisions about their network.

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Comprehensive Pavement Assessment

ARRB Systems offer many advantages over other manufacturers that simply integrate pavement sensors, as we also utilise the equipment ourselves all around the world delivering data for a multitude of clients. We have developed, designed and built over 200 Systems to collect pavement condition data since the early 80’s. Our proven track record in building systems with the latest technology allows us to offer experienced staff, proven equipment and a superior software platform that has over 50 man-years of development time.