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Our many years of experience with data collection technology and practices have placed us in a unique position to be able to provide varied solutions to our customers. Whether you need equipment to operate yourself, we undertake the survey for you, or anything else in between – we have the necessary capacity, technology and expertise to provide assistance in whatever manner you prefer.

ARRB Systems Pty Ltd. was founded after the spin-off of the equipment and international operation arm of the Australian Road Research Board. Equipment development began in the early 1980’s at the Australian Road Research Board, as a means of being able to test certain project theories in a practical sense. This led to the commercialisation of the equipment in the early 1990’s, and the first survey systems were sold internationally.

The Hawkeye platform was released in 1994 and is now the backbone to the majority of our product and software options. The Hawkeye range is well-recognised within the industry, with over 80 systems operational around the world. Over the years our team and capability have continued to expand, which has enabled us to be at the forefront of technology development for road survey equipment. The most recent being the intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle (iPAVe) which is a system capable of collecting functional and structural data, at highway speeds, with all outputs analysed through the Hawkeye software.

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Vikash Narsai
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