2,300 miles of data collected. Millions of $ saved.

iPAVe: Connecticut Department of Transportation


Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) develops, operates, and maintains the state’s highway, transit, port, and waterway system.



ConnDOT wanted to collect all roadway condition data types in one pass and was frustrated in its search to find one piece of equipment able to perform this feat efficiently and effectively. That was until they heard about ARRB Systems and the iPAVe.

Along with the University of Connecticut (UCONN), ConnDOT contracted ARRB Systems to perform a comprehensive pavement inventory of more than 2,300 miles of roads and highways throughout the state.

The iPAVe, with its ability to collect multiple types of data in one pass at highway speeds, was the perfect tool for the job. The most apparent benefits were the savings of money and time, allowing the DOT to collect more data in one week than it typically would collect in an entire year.

Millions back in the pocket

Having the data available through Hawkeye Insight and having access to the data via spreadsheets has been extremely helpful for the DOT and UCONN as they continue to use the data for their decision-making. When factoring in data collection efficiency and cost savings, the financial saving during data collection is estimated to be millions of dollars.

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