Maintaining Idaho’s rocky road network.

iPAVe: Idaho Transportation Department


With its wide-reaching roads and mountainous landscape, Idaho’s roadway network could get a little rocky if not adequately maintained. With such a critical network, the Idaho Transportation Department called in the experts and utilized our intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle (iPAVe) to efficiently get the job done.





ITD used the iPAVe to collect continuous pavement deflection and pavement surface characteristics on over 3,800 miles of interstate, state, and county highways throughout the state of Idaho.

Since its commencement, ITD has determined that iPAVe testing and the use of comprehensive pavement condition data has a Return on Investment (ROI) of over 400% throughout the life of its roads and highways.

No looking back for ITD

ITD’s use of iPAVe data is crucial to their decision-making. It’s these informed maintenance decisions that help extend the service life of the state’s roadway. Because of our systems’ proven effectiveness, ITD plans to continue performing iPAVe surveys on the state’s roads annually.

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