Analyzing seasonal variation in Finland.

iPAVe: The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency


The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) is responsible for developing and maintaining the state-owned road network, the railways and the waterways. FTIA’s remit is to respond efficiently and responsibly to customer needs arising from changes in transportation and to produce a growth platform for society, in the form of both functional and safe infrastructure.

In an ongoing project with FTIA, ARRB Systems is monitoring the influence of seasonal variation on pavement condition, using the comprehensive measurement equipment iPAVe. FTIA is keen to understand the connection between changing weather conditions and pavement strength, aiming to identify specific reasons behind the shifts in pavement conditions and develop effective strategies to improve pavement durability and resilience against diverse environmental factors.

Collecting comprehensive data from the iPAVe provides a unique opportunity for FTIA to evaluate the cause of seasonal effects on pavement condition. Measurements have been undertaken on two test loops, located in two different climatic regions in Finland; one conducted during the frost/thaw period in mid-summer and the other at the end of summer. Data collected is also FTIA’s contribution to the project run by VTI, on performance modelling of roads.

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