Hawkeye Insight

Insight Overview

Hawkeye Insight is a web-based viewing tool that enables the visual assessment of collected data, in a simple, user friendly format. Utilising the familiar mapping functionality of Google Maps, Insight allows the user to navigate through their collected data parameters and assess the condition of their roads.

Users can specify the exact location they would like to see, either via road name or number, and see mapped data outputs. Individual images can also be displayed as required, along with output charts.

Data is hosted externally to overcome common IT issues and with no need to install software, your network data is easily accessible from anywhere on many platforms.

For more information, visit www.hawkeyeinsight.com

Hawkeye Insight Brochure

  • Integrated Google Maps format.
  • Display multiple customer-defined data layers.
  • Up to nine thumbnail images, expandable to high resolution.
  • On-screen height and width measurement.
  • Zoom function.
  • View tables and graphs.
  • Play button for streaming video.
  • Share your video imagery, charts, Hawkeye URLs and desktop view via email.
  • Filter map data by different attribute values for custom displays.
  • View multi years data, side by side.
  • Crack detection data can be charted, shown as numeric values on a map, or displayed as a visual satellite view.