Hawkeye Processing Toolkit

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The Hawkeye Processing Toolkit is a professional office-based data processing, analysis and reporting tool to enable accurate processing of all parameters. The easy-to-use interface features an integrated image viewer and centralised database to review survey data.

The software can be used to review and rate individual video frames against chainage and GPS, save images to file and zoom-in to inspect areas of interest. Multiple images can be reviewed simultaneously and the road can be ‘driven’ at a rate selected by the operator.

Features such as data transfer tools, survey editing tools, video and data viewing/editing, advanced profiling, are among just a few of the ever growing options available for the Processing Toolkit.

  • Extensive analysis and reporting capability.
  • Advanced mapping interface that supports Google background maps.
  • Centralised databases to allow multiple users to process and view the same survey data simultaneously.
  • Multiple language support: English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.
  • Metric and Imperial measurement systems supported.
  • Batch processing and exporting.
  • Batch distributed processing for Automatic Crack Detection (ACD).
  • Batch rubber banding and editable reference points.
  • Windows launching allowing for cross reference of data between applications.
  • Survey search filter.
  • Export to most PMS and GIS applications.
  • Data export to CSV, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, RTF and SHP formats.
  • Windows (32 and 64 bit) compatible.