Hawkeye Processing Toolkit

Product specifications

The Hawkeye Processing Toolkit is a professional yet easy-to-use interface that enables accurate processing, analysis and management of all gathered road information.

Main features include data transfer tools, survey editing tools, video and data viewing/editing and advanced profiling. These are among just a few of the ever-growing options available for the Toolkit.

Graphical User Interface

This intuitive office-based processing tool is an integrated graphical user interface (GUI) that compiles the collected survey data and allows the user to ‘virtually drive down the road’ to review and record rating information as needed.

The viewer can be used to review and rate individual video frames against chainage and GPS, save images to file, and zoom-in to inspect areas of interest.

Intelligent image processing

The Hawkeye Processing Toolkit software ensures that pavement and asset view video images can be stitched to allow for measurement across images in a panoramic view. This professional yet user-friendly feature has all the functionality you need to stitch panoramic views, rotate camera views, scale images up and down, remove fisheye effects due to lens curvature, and adjust brightness and contrast.


The Hawkeye Processing Toolkit’s powerful geo-referencing feature allows users to create an inventory of roadside assets such as signs and guard rails, and reference that image against GPS coordinates by logging the latitude, longitude and altitude of the object. This, coupled with the Hawkeye height and area measurement capabilities, ensures Asset and Road Safety Managers can create and maintain extensive inventories and risk assessments of road and roadside assets with ease.

Product features