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Hawkeye 2000: Department of Highways, Thailand


The Department of Highways (DOH), Thailand builds and maintains the country’s highway network, as well promoting social and economic aspects both within the country, and the ASEAN region.



DOH was looking for a system to analyse and benchmark their performance on road pavement conditions while road construction is occurring, completed and when traffic is busy.

DOH purchased its first Hawkeye 2000 system in 2011, with a second commissioned in 2020. DOH acquired their third custom built Hawkeye 2000 system to collect data on one of their new motorways, the Bang Pa-In–Nakhon Ratchasima Intercity Motorway (M6), which is aimed at improving road accessibility and safety for road users.

DOH continue to utilise the Hawkeye platform as it uses the latest technology to accurately collect the parameters DOH require; rutting, macrotexture, inertial positioning, geometry data and road imagery. This coupled with the strong reputation worldwide Hawkeye has for being reliable, accurate and efficient, meant their decision to procure a second system was simple.

Compared to the traditional method, surveying with the Hawkeye system is safer and more cost-effective, as there is no need for traffic management and additional resources.  The office-based Hawkeye Processing Toolkit software allows DOH to easily access their datasets, for analysis and reporting of their pavement data. This detailed data enables them to make informed decisions when planning for road maintenance, and they now plan to perform a comprehensive pavement inventory of 60,000kms of roads and highways, over the next few months.

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