Pioneering comprehensive data collection in Brazil.

iPAVe: Brazilian National Department of Transport Infrastructure


The Brazilian National Department of Transport Infrastructure, or Departamento Nacional de Infraestrutura de Transportes (DNIT), an entity under the Ministry of Transport, is responsible for managing the vast federal highways spanning 55,000km, as well as overseeing the creation of new road segments. In addition, they have mandates in waterway and railway sectors.

With an expansive road network across Brazil, obtaining accurate data in a short period of time is essential. DNIT also faced challenges regarding the correlation between functional and structural conditions of pavements, with traditional survey methods lacking comprehensive and integrated data. This led to potential inefficiencies and misalignment in crafting pavement solutions.

Over 4 months the iPAVe surveyed approximately 12,600km of federal highways. Initial analysis indicates a strong coherence between data from traditional vehicles and data acquired with the iPAVe. The platform also introduced the continuous macrotexture assessment, a feature previously unassessed by DNIT’s traditional methods. The use of the Hawkeye Insight data visualisation and analysis tool, further enriched DNIT’s data assessment capabilities, making interpretation of the parameters more intuitive.

The introduction of iPAVe data collection marked a transformation in DNIT’s approach to pavement management. The modernised system allowed for simultaneous assessment of both functional and structural conditions, increasing productivity and accuracy. The use of the iPAVe facilitated more assertive decision-making, tailored to the unique requirements of different Brazilian regions.

By combining productivity, precision and user-friendly visualization, the Hawkeye platform ensures DNIT can address the nation’s varied road network’s complexities. DNIT is confident the adoption of the iPAVe will undeniably revolutionize road management in Brazil.

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