ARRB Systems Europe awarded NSV and Maintenance Services Contract

ARRB Systems Europe has won a contract from The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works of the Republic of Cyprus for the supply of a Hawkeye Network Survey Vehicle together with a corresponding five-year service and maintenance agreement. The contract is part of the European Union co-financed program, which aims to upgrade the Trans-European networks in the area of transport infrastructure. The contract was signed on behalf of ARRB Systems Europe, by Charlotte Kvist, and on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Mr Giannis Karousos.

ARRB Systems will commission a Hawkeye 2000 Automated Crack Detection (ACD) system comprising a vehicle-mounted profiler, 3D pavement measurement system, geometry module and asset cameras. The system has the ability to identify cracks, potholes, texture, rutting, ravelling, and lane marking, which are all synchronized to all other data streams, distance and spatial information.

From the data collected, the Hawkeye system can produce comprehensive and customised reports which will assist the Ministry in making long-term effective maintenance decisions on the Cypriot road network and specific projects. The system will also allow quality control of road construction works carried out by the public works department and local authorities.

At the award ceremony, the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Mr Giannis Karousos, said that the system is vital in delivering safer and smoother trips for road users. “By adopting this procedure, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works seeks the timely and proper maintenance of the road network, which will allow the immediate improvement of the comfort and safety of all road network users”, Mr Karousos said.