ARRB Systems Launches New Portable Roughometer 4

ARRB Systems today launches the Roughometer 4, a new product built for users to collect road survey data on both sealed and unsealed roads. 

The Roughometer 4 is the successor to the Roughometer 3 model, and can be used in determining network performance, maintenance priorities, intervention levels and auditing maintenance works carried out by road agencies.

The Roughometer 4 (R4) has been developed with past iterations in mind, ensuring a simple, portable and highly repeatable measurement of road roughness (IRI). Remaining a World Bank Class 3 device, the beauty of this new system is the simplicity of the hardware, and the improvements to the software. 

New features include:

  • Wireless distance sensor (communicates via Bluetooth)
  • System can be operated by most Android phones or tablets 
  • Simple 2-button wireless operation, allowing for 1-person surveying 
  • MP3 voice recording for events
  • Surveys displayed on Google Maps (see attached screenshot)
  • Data stored on Android device, with the amount of survey data only limited by the storage capacity of the phone or tablet
  • Powered by 12v Aux outlet, which can also act as a charger for the phone / tablet
  • Optional standard DMI for higher accuracy distance measurement
  • Data outputs: Location data (lat, long, distance and speed) and roughness (selectable at time of survey; IRI, NAASRA or BI)

For further information about Roughometer 4 please click here