iPAVe in Europe

We are proud to announce the first Intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle (iPAVe) is now operating in Europe.

ARRB Systems introduced its first iPAVe in 2016 and there are now seven iPAVe systems operating worldwide including Australia, Germany, USA, China, South Africa and Sweden.

The iPAVe is the only comprehensive pavement measurement system in the world, providing structural and surface condition data at highway speeds. This allows pavement engineers to pinpoint the problematic areas of their network and make informed maintenance decisions.

A recent report out of the US concluded for every US$1 spent on collecting data with the iPAVe, an astounding US$4.20 was saved on road maintenance.

The system has recently been commissioned and fitted with a 3D Radar GPR and it will be out and about in Scandinavia from September initially and then into other countries .

Watch this space for the latest news on the iPAVe.