ARRB Systems Europe Project Partnership with VTI

ARRB Systems Europe are very excited to partner up with The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), in a 4-year project, introducing the next generation, Global structural condition index for maintenance planning. The project is sponsored by the Swedish Transport Administration.
Based on iPAVe measurements, conducted in Finland in September, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, is looking at possibilities for joining the project, as sponsor and partner.
The aim of this project is to improve the knowledge of the road infrastructure condition and how this knowledge can contribute to, or ensuring that, the right activities are being budgeted, planned, procured, and carried out effectively, in a long-term holistic and cost-effective way.
By including comprehensive measurements from the ARRB Systems iPAVe equipment, present road infrastructure condition and prediction of changes, can be done in a holistic approach.
We look forward to adding value to the project by providing pavement management expertise to assist with assessing the road condition of highways and major roads in Sweden and Europe.