iPAVe trials for the Danish Road Directorate

Prior to working on contracts in Sweden and Finland, this week our European iPAVe collected data on the Danish Road Directorate’s (DRD) in-service test road, the ‘temperature loop.’ This section of road has known pavement layer thicknesses and thermocouples embedded in the pavement. Followed by a visit to the DRD offices, staff were given a tour of the iPAVe and a demonstration by ASAB Technician, Hugh Benbow.

The data collected will be a valuable asset for the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL), Bearing Capacity at Traffic Speed (BeCATS) project, as well as the implementation of comprehensive measurements in Europe.

As this summer showed, Europe is faced with tremendous climatic challenges such as extreme flooding and temperatures; impacts that challenge our infrastructure to its limits. Comprehensive information provided by the iPAVe, concerning condition and durability of the road infrastructure, is vital to protect and secure the past, present, and future investments.